Advocates for Business.

Advocating for business is not just about what you know, but who you know. With a wealth of contacts from across politics, industry and the media, True North will make sure you are connected to the right people at the right time. 

Government Relations and Public Affairs

Government has an ever-increasing role in business and the economy. True North will connect you with the right leaders and policymakers to ensure your ambitions and concerns are not just heard but listened to. 

True North has been pivotal in fostering renewed and improved relationships between Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce and politicians and policymakers to ensure the voice of business is heard at all levels of government.

Russell Borthwick, Chief Executive Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce

Business to Business Networks

In business, cooperation is often as important as competition. With experience across a range of sectors, and a wide network of industry contacts, True North will put you at the centre of Scotland’s business nexus.

High-impact Events

Events can not only raise your profile but also build your influence. True North organise presentations, receptions, and dinner discussions with senior policymakers and industry leaders, bringing your organisation to the fore. 

This was the first time Camphill School had taken its case to parliament and the smiles on the faces of the young people who attended the parliamentary reception said it all.

Camphill School

Inward Investment

We do not just support businesses already in Scotland and the UK, but those that want to establish themselves here. With experience across global business, international diplomacy and national and economic development agencies, True North will make sure you are best placed to build your business here.

Insights & news

General Election called for 4th July
The Westminster rumour mill starting whirling furiously earlier in the day, with Senior Cabinet members pulling out of scheduled media interviews left, right and centre and Foreign Secretary David Cameron summoned home from Albania for talks this afternoon at Number 10. The SNP’s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn sought to nail down the Tory leader on the question at PMQs at lunchtime and Sunak’s answer was as revealing as it was cryptic. On the steps of Downing Street, in the rain, just after 5pm, Rishi Sunak put speculation to bed and pulled the trigger…
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North East’s first workplace menopause event is Flushed with Success
Over 50 senior businesswomen from across the North East attended a unique breakfast event in Aberdeen to discuss how employers can better prepare for the menopause. Organised by Aileen Easton, Chief Corporate Affairs Advisor at True North Advisors, Shona Macaskill of Gary Walker Wealth Management and Ali Findlay, Chief Executive of The Lane, Flushed with Success is the first event of its kind in the North East…
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25 Years and Counting
Geoff co-hosted a special live recording of the Holyrood Sources podcast in front of a 400-strong crowd at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh, marking 25 years of devolution. The audience heard from three former First Ministers – Henry McLeish, Jack McConnell and Alex Salmond – politicians past and present, senior advisors and journalists who have witnessed all the key events from the first quarter century of the Scottish Parliament. The podcast is available from
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