North East’s first workplace menopause event is Flushed with Success

Over 50 senior businesswomen from across the North East attended a unique breakfast event in Aberdeen to discuss how employers can better prepare for the menopause.

Organised by Aileen Easton, Chief Corporate Affairs Advisor at True North Advisors, Shona Macaskill of Gary Walker Wealth Management and Ali Findlay, Chief Executive of The Lane, Flushed with Success is the first event of its kind in the North East.

The audience which gathered in the Teddy Scott Lounge at Aberdeen Football Club heard from Guest speakers, panellists and HR experts including Dr Bev Taylor, psychologist, menopause educator and coach; Emily Hayes, head of employee experience at News UK; Kim Woolner, HR and wellbeing practitioner; Nicola McIntosh, CFO at the Net Zero Technology Centre and Erikka Askeland, journalist and commentator.

Subjects ranged from how to retain female staff by making positive change in the workplace to how to engage men in the conversation.

Aileen Easton of True North Advisors said:

“A 2019 survey by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) found that three in five menopausal women aged between 45 and 55 were negatively affected at work and almost 900,000 women in the UK left their work because of the symptoms of the menopause resulting in women leaving work when they are at or close to their peak and a very real brain drain.

“This was a fantastic opportunity to bring women together to open the much-needed conversation about a subject which has a significant impact on business, and we will be looking to build on this week’s success with a series of Flushed with Success events in the coming months.”

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Aileen Easton

Chief Corporate Affairs Adviser

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