Leadership and Policy Specialists.

We know how government works and how policy is made. We know what great ideas are and how to communicate them. With unparalleled experience in leadership and policymaking, True North will position you for success.

Political Insights

Our insight has been prized by FTSE 100 chief executives, First Ministers and leaders from across the political spectrum. Having drafted election-winning manifestos and helped steer legislation from idea to law at both Westminster and Holyrood, True North will provide you with the expert insight you need to navigate the political and policy world. 

True North offers unrivalled political and policy insight, and have provided invaluable support with government and media relations, as well as thought leadership.

Sandy Begbie CBE

Chief Executive, Scottish Financial Enterprise

Thought Leadership

Some follow, you lead. True North will help make you a recognised voice in your field through newspaper opinion pieces, media appearances, and direct engagement with politicians themselves. 


We have written speeches for some of the biggest names in business and politics. Whether it is a 30-minute platform address, a seminar, or some witty after-dinner remarks, True North will draft you a speech that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Policy, Research and Political Analysis

In business as in politics, it is essential to know the impact of policies. True North will keep you informed with in-depth research and first-class analysis of specific policy and legislative areas, giving you the advantage over your competitors.

True North’s advisors make themselves available at all hours to provide first-class advice, built upon their own unrivalled experience and networks in business and politics.

Ryan Crighton, Policy Director Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce

Polling Public Opinion

We know that public opinion matters. That is why True North can provide bespoke polling and expert analysis on a host of issues, giving you a vital base of evidence for critical decision making.

Hosting and Facilitation

From podcasts to national TV, True North’s advisors are prized for their ability to articulate complex issues, direct conversations and provide entertaining insight. Let True North’s experienced hosts manage your discussion or event, or provide expert analysis for your board.