Our story.

Each one of our talented advisors brings a wealth of experience to this young firm. True North’s values are deep-rooted and we will never compromise on the quality of advice we offer.

Proud of our heritage

Our name takes inspiration from Geoff’s late father’s fishing business, which successfully operated in the North East of Scotland for more than a quarter century. We are proud to have offices in Aberdeen — Europe’s thriving energy capital — and Edinburgh — Scotland’s dynamic
capital city.

Passionate about quality

But the name True North also reflects our commitment to clients: honest, expert advice that will help chart the best course forward. Each and every day we help businesses to steer a course through complex and challenging situations, ensuring they are always heading in the right direction.

Between them, Geoff and Fergus know everyone and everything there is to know in the worlds of business, media and politics.  They add serious value to many organisations as they navigate major policy and reputational challenges.

Martin Gilbert

Chairman and Business Ambassador